Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recently stated that one of his many adversaries had offered him a potload of Bitcoin back in the day with the motive of ‘pumping’ the crypto.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the fake news website InfoWars’ owner made these claims on returning to the public domain after a long, dormant exile, having a go on George Soros for having approached him to advertise Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was still gaining traction.

Jones said:

“I got told eight years ago – I got told by two different people, two very well known rich people, they said: ‘George Soros likes you. He wants to work with you… [as does] Alexander Soros… you just need to stop attacking him… and by the way, we want you to pump Bitcoin.”

He told the podcast’s host that the payment was offered in BTC and that sum would have been nearly worth $38 million at Bitcoin’s all-time peak in December 2017:

“I got offered at the time about five million dollars worth of Bitcoin – I think it was about $38 million by the time it got there (the peak), and I refused it.”

However, Jones said that he sees cryptocurrencies having a future and believes in them replacing fiat currencies.

Former claims by the fake news publicist include him being offered $1 million a month to boost cryptocurrency sales but discarded that idea saying:

They’re pulling their money out of the Ponzi scheme, and they wanna bring in all the new suckers with the big advertising push to prop it up. So it collapses months later, and they don’t get the blame for pulling their money out – which is the crime – when they know it’s going down. It’s called a pump and dump!”


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