The update from Brave show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Following up from recent significant updates including enabling users to finally be able to withdraw their BAT tokens; this has now been expanded. The Brave team have announced that the latest update to the browser will mean that the browser will enable users to store Ethereum and a selection of other ERC20 tokens.

A member of the research team, Alex Wykoff recently confirmed that not only will ERC20 tokens start to be accepted by the browser, but also stated that the use of the wallet would not be dependent on exclusive use of the Brave browser. The wallet is a standalone product, which will come as good news for users who choose to use an alternative web browser.

The wallet will soon be able to transfer assets directly to Brave Rewards, creating a seamless experience for all. Whilst the finished product has not quite been reached just yet, the steady and continuous updates putting the pieces of the puzzle together have been extremely positive and welcomed by all.

KYC verification will be required by Brave, to comply with current financial guidelines and requirements.


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