The demand for gaming has been in a constant rise for the last few decades. This leads to a constant increase in competition, allowing even independent developers to release top games. For this reason, the biggest gaming companies in the world are in a constant search for new technologies and ideas that can innovate this ecosystem.

Although creating games for new platforms will not necessarily grant you access to a huge audience, in the beginning, it still represents the method that will make your company future-proof. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and IoT are only a few of the latest technologies that are ever-more present in the gaming space. They have seen an increase in adoption lately and are expected to innovate gaming in 2020 and beyond.


Blockchain and gaming have been going hand-in-hand for quite some time now. Although the technology is still experiencing opposition from many industries, the gaming one gladly adopted it. Blockchain can create efficient and transparent games. However, its main upside is that it enables peer-to-peer gaming without the need for a third-party to regulate the interaction.

Its implementation was mostly noticed in the gambling sector. But, due to the increasing need for transparency and privacy, more gaming niches are expected to adopt this. “Age of Rust” – built on top of the blockchain gaming platform Enjin, “The Sandbox,” and “MLB Crypto Baseball” are only a few of the titles expected to make it on the market in 2020.

Virtual Reality

You might already be familiar with VR as it represents a major trend among gaming streamers and technology-related video channels. It is the latest and hottest thing in the industry and everybody’s excited about its future potential. Currently, the state of VR gaming is still limited but 2020 highlights a major opportunity.

VR gaming is meant to give you the ultimate immersive experience. For that reason, the world of online gambling gladly adopted VR technologies to offer users an experience closer to the land-based one. Any regular online casino is already featuring countless games that are very reminiscent of classic Vegas machines. However, certain developers have launched VR casinos that give you an all-around experience considerably closer to reality.

The birth of dedicated VR casinos and the implementation of such technologies in regular ones, the industry can allow users to experience gambling in a whole new way. The VR industry is still undergoing a lot of evolution in the hardware aspect of things. But, at the same time, the software part seems to be evolving at a higher rate than ever before.

Every big gaming company wants a piece of the action so you can expect a lot of quality games to be released this next year. Lone Echo, Medal of Honor, and The Walking Dead are only a handful of popular video game series that announced a VR game for 2020.


IoT is not necessarily going to innovate gaming in the same way Blockchain and Virtual Reality will. However, IoT enables developers to create devices that are interconnected. This gives users the possibility of having immersive gameplay, further amplifying the positive effects of VR and other similar technologies.


The landscape of gaming is experiencing more change and innovation than ever before. New technologies, pieces of software and hardware are enabling developers to do things never thought possible before. This whole movement puts the accent on the end-user, helping the whole ecosystem thrive.


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