EOS has never been a platform held in the highest regard by the crypto community, and that is largely due to their own fault. A marketing-heavy launch, with targeted adverts all over YouTube made many investors wary to say the least, before the project had really got going. Many people expected projects such as EOS to be a mere exit scam, and doubted if such a project could last any form of a bear market.


With the worst of the crypto bear market seemingly over, not only has EOS managed to see out the worst of the market, but the team are actually making significant developments. They completed a significant software update yesterday, which required a hard-fork. The process looks to have been an all round success, with trading now resumed.

If EOS can maintain momentum above the $3.18 region, we could see a significant rally. While still  long way off from all time highs of $23, investors may well be looking at the project with a new-found level of trust and more importantly – credibility.


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