The Stella Development Foundation have announced the biggest XLM airdrop in partnership with messaging service Keybase. Users simply have a verified Keybase account and will receive XLM tokens every month. The airdrop is planned to occur for around 20 months.

Airdops are often used by companies to increase awareness and exposure for their tokens. By teaming up with Keybase, it also offers the opportunity to increase their user-base.

CEO of Stellar Development Foundation Denelle Dixon commented:

“Our focus is global financial inclusion using blockchain and other technologies, focusing on the unbanked, and so from our standpoint, what this kind of thing does as an airdrop, is it actually brings more attention to the ability for technologies like this to be able to effectuate nicely, cleanly and efficiently, cross-border transactions to help the unbanked and others out there in the world.”

This isn’t the first instance of a large XLM airdrop, in late-2018 they sent over $120m worth of tokens to crypto wallet provider Blockchain. What is clear is that the 40% of entire XLM tokens held by the Stellar Foundation may well continue to be distributed around the world.


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